4 Ways to Combat Rising Outdoor Gear Costs

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4 Ways to Combat Rising Outdoor Gear Costs

The rush of the outdoors is something we all cherish. And getting away from screens and desks has more value than ever before.

With new high-tech advancements in the gear we use, and the clothing we wear, we are better equipped to achieve new heights in our performance. Whether it’s dry-fit shirts from UnderArmour to keep us cool, or the newest ski and snow gear from Skis.com to keep us warm, science has created ways to help take us farther. But these advancements come at a cost.

State of the art technology doesn’t come cheap. The prices of outdoor hiking, skiing, and camping have been on the rise, growing at an average 1.8% per year, according to study by IBIS World.

Affinityy is here to help.

At Affinityy, our goal is to help you make the most of your sports gear purchases, so you can enjoy the great outdoors with confidence. Here are our PRO TIPS to help you get to your outdoor gear more affordably

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  2. Purchase Off Season – As most outdoor activities are seasonal, it’s always a good idea to purchase off season to get the best deals. Buying ski jackets from some of our affiliates like Paragon Sports and Skis.com in spring and summer, will often score you as much as 75% off the ticket price. On the same note, surf gear like that from Reef and Quicksilver get’s steep discounts in the post summer months.
  3. Invest Where It Counts – Because new technologies come out each year, they fall into the “trend” category. As a result it’s always smart to purchase a year or two after they come out to avoid the high costs that come with the hype. For instance, you can now purchase outdoor gear from companies like Backcountry and Moosejaw for a fraction of their cost just a few years ago.
  4. One StopShop – We often miss out on incredible deals, simply because we weren’t aware of them. Affinityy aims to solve that by featuring discounts, coupons and deals at some of your favorite stores all in one place. Learn more and visit our Gear & Equipment Page to see our curated listing.

So, if you’re looking for great deals, promotions, discount and coupon codes on all types of gear, make sure to register for our site and become an Affinityy member today!

Jane D.