4 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Breaking the Bank

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4 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Breaking the Bank

Exercise. We all know the value of taking care of our bodies. But rising costs often force us to shift our priorities.

With activewear and fitness purchases rising, it’s no wonder American’s say they often spend more than they can afford to meet their body goals.

It’s time to make fitness more affordable.

Affinityy is here to help.

Affinityy seeks to help you make the most of your fitness purchases, so you could put your health and wellness first with confidence. As if the reward of taking care of yourself wasn’t enough.

Here are our PRO TIPS to help you reach your fitness goals more affordably:

  1. Affinityy Loan Rewards – Complete your fitness purchase with one of our online stores to earn Affinityy Points that can be redeemed for interest free loans or cash back. Affinityy’s interest free loans help you save money by enabling you to (a) save on interest costs by paying off credit card debt or (b) pay over time by financing a new purchase. Click Here to See How it Works.
  2. Buy Your Fitness Classes In Bulk – at Affinityy, we offer you options to purchase fitness classes at your local gyms in BULK through our affiliate partners such as GiltCity and Groupon. Buying in bulk not only saves you money per class, but also puts you on a routine so you can better reach your fitness goals. With everything from yoga, to crossfit, to boxing, it’s easy to find something to love, all while earning Loan Rewards.
  3. Invest in the Staples – it always pays to spend a little extra on the things that count. Purchase your fitness essentials from stores such as Under Armour and Lululemon. A good pair of dark colored sneakers from Adidas or Nike will also go a long way, keeping them looking fresh until you’re ready for a new pair.You can also step up your fitness game and purchase some of your own gym training gear from Paragon Sports.
  4. One Stop Sale – We often miss out on incredible deals, simply because we weren’t aware of them. Affinityy aims to solve that by featuring discounts, coupons and deals at some of your favorite stores all in one place. For the full list of stores visit our Fitness Store Page.

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