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Samsonite has a new Coupon Code Promotion Live on Luggage Gifts!

Hey Affinityy members and friends! One of our favorite merchants, Samsonite, has a new promotion they just rolled out! This is a great idea if you have any friends or family members who do a lot of traveling and a new piece of luggage would be an amazing gift. Here’s the link you must click

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4 Ways to Combat Rising Outdoor Gear Costs

The rush of the outdoors is something we all cherish. And getting away from screens and desks has more value than ever before. With new high-tech advancements in the gear we use, and the clothing we wear, we are better equipped to achieve new heights in our performance. Whether it’s dry-fit shirts from UnderArmour to

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3 Ways to Attend Your Favorite Music and Sports Events on a Budget

There’s nothing like your favorite live sports event or concert to lift your spirits. According to a Harris poll, 72% of millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material things. But often times, ticket prices keep us stuck at home on the couch. Affinityy is here to help. At Affinityy, our goal

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How to Finance This Seasons Wardrobe in One Place

Everyone loves taking advantage of a great sale. But sometimes, laying down all that money at once is tough. Certain retailersoffer financing options, but most come with high interest costs and hidden fees. Managing the different credit terms and conditions from multiple retailers can be time-consuming and confusing. Additionally, many online retailers do not offer

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The Number One Way to Finance your Vacation

Everyone loves a good vacation. But sometimes, we all need a little help paying off those travel bills. According to a Learn vest study, 74% of Americans go into debt to cover the cost of their vacations, taking an average of 6 months to financially recover. The solutions are limited. Credit card companies offer you

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4 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Breaking the Bank

Exercise. We all know the value of taking care of our bodies. But rising costs often force us to shift our priorities. With activewear and fitness purchases rising, it’s no wonder American’s say they often spend more than they can afford to meet their body goals. It’s time to make fitness more affordable. Affinityy is

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How to score personal loans at 0% APR

Shopping online with Affinityy definitely has its perks. Access to your favorite stores coupons and deals is just the start. With each qualified purchase, members earn points that can be redeemed for interest free loans with optional 3,6, or 9 month terms. Why pay 10-30% APR financing on your credit card or personal loan when