How to Finance This Seasons Wardrobe in One Place

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How to Finance This Seasons Wardrobe in One Place

Everyone loves taking advantage of a great sale. But sometimes, laying down all that money at once is tough.

Certain retailersoffer financing options, but most come with high interest costs and hidden fees. Managing the different credit terms and conditions from multiple retailers can be time-consuming and confusing. Additionally, many online retailers do not offer financing, leaving you with even fewer options.

Affinityy is here to help.

At Affinityy, we provide you with a single financing program that covers a growing list of online fashion stores, saving you time and money while building your wardrobe.

Our goal is to help you make the most of your fashion purchases. Here are our PRO TIPS to help make building your wardrobe more affordable:

  1. Affinityy Loan Rewards – Complete your purchase with one of our Fashion Stores online and earn Affinityy Points that can be redeemed for interest free loans or cash back. Affinityy’s low interest loans help you save money by enabling you to (a) save on interest costs by paying off credit card debt or (b) pay over time by financing a new purchase. Click Here to See How it Works.
  2. Splurge On Accessories – often times we can raise the entire look of a low price ensemble, simply by mixing in some high-end accessories. A great jacket can last you a decade if its high quality from Helmut Lang, Farfetch, or Matches Fashion.The same goes for a great accessories from Dooney & Bourke or Michael Kors.
  3. Invest During Sale Time – Sales come and go quickly so it’s great to buy as much as you can when it’s the season. Affinityy Loans help you make those big purchases with confidence.
  4. One Stop Sale – We often miss out on incredible deals, simply because we weren’t aware of them. Affinityy solves that by featuring discounts, coupons and deals at some of your favorite stores all in one place. Learn more by visiting our Fashion Store Page to see our curated listing.

Jane D.