The Number One Way to Finance your Vacation

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The Number One Way to Finance your Vacation

Everyone loves a good vacation. But sometimes, we all need a little help paying off those travel bills.

According to a Learn vest study, 74% of Americans go into debt to cover the cost of their vacations, taking an average of 6 months to financially recover.

The solutions are limited. Credit card companies offer you great rewards, but high interest costs don’t make it any easier to afford that vacation. Personal loans are one solution but interest rates can range anywhere from 10-30% APR.

Affinityy is here to help.

At Affinityy, our goal is to help save you money and stay out of debt. We look to help you make the most out of your travel purchases. Here are some more PRO TIPS to help make your next vacation experience more affordable:

  1. Affinityy Loan Rewards – Complete your hotel booking with one of our Booking Sites online and earn Affinityy Points that can be redeemed for interest free loans or cash back. Affinityy’s interest free loans help you save money by enabling you to (a) save on interest costs by paying off credit card debt or (b) pay over time by financing a new purchase. Click Here to See How it Works.
  2. Use a Travel Agent– often times, we think cutting out the middleman saves us money, but with travel, it’s not always the case. Using a travel agency gives you access to discounts and perks you would never be able to get on your own and many receive their commission directly from the hotels so it’s at no cost to you. Choose from one of our curated Travel Agencies to learn more.
  3. Book Ahead of Time – When booking your hotel with big names like Priceline, Expedia and Orbitz, its always a great idea to book ahead as they have excellent cancellation policies and offer you the opportunity to book travelers insurance in case something comes up.

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